Auto Lending,

We make getting approved simple.

Every Arivo loan is designed to be simple, transparent, and fair–with terms that are easy to understand and no hidden fees or conditions.

Save Time & Effort

Subprime lenders usually require a lot of documentation from customers prior to funding a loan. We offer tools and services that simplify the process, so dealers can focus on providing quality customer service.

Eliminate surprises

Arivo works to verify the information on every loan application before customers drive off the lot. This eliminates the costly hassles of rejected contracts, additional lender fees, or “re-signing” customers.

Accelerate Approvals

With traditional lenders, some deals can take hours just to get a tentative approval. Arivo gets accurate and precise answers back to you in minutes.

Easy-to-use Programs

Arivo’s Zero Down bankruptcy program allows us to serve more customers and is simple enough that dealers don’t need a special finance department to use it.

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The Arivo App is the easiest way to make and schedule your loan payment, see your payment history, and chat with your lender.

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