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About Arivo

Arivo wanted to make getting an auto loan effortless for everyone involved. This drove us to build an organization that is constantly looking for ways to make the lending process simpler and improve service to customers, applicants, and dealers.

Today, Arivo helps car buyers find and finance cars that match their needs and budgets—without the usual stress and uncertainty. With Arivo, customers can begin the process by filling out a simple online application or walking into a participating dealership. Either way, we work to understand each of our customers’ needs and approve a loan tailored specifically to them. Then, we work with our extensive network of auto dealers to match customers with reliable, affordable cars that meet their needs.

This unique approach makes it easy for Arivo customers to find and buy the right car with confidence. Every Arivo loan is designed to be simple, transparent, and fair—with terms that are easy to understand and no hidden fees or conditions.

Arivo also works closely with a growing network of auto dealerships to help them offer more customers the best financing options.